Full shop with all the power and hand tools needed to get the job done right the first time.  Being able to convert dimensions rendered in SketchUp from computer to wood accurately, and quickly takes the horse power of power tools but the delicacy of hand tools.

Our shop is complete with an array of power tools like: table saw, drill press, circular saw, 13″ power planer, 6″ jointer, bandsaw, router table, belt sander, random orbital sander, and miter saw.  Sometimes power tools just don’t cut it though (pun intended)!  That’s when we delve into using Dozuki saws, dovetail saws, and my personal favorite: restored vintage Stanley hand planes.  Another important aspect of the build process is jigs to help with laborious, intricate, or otherwise dangerous tasks.  The shop is outfitted with custom made jigs for cutting cross-cuts, mitering picture frames, and creating customizable box joints to name a few.